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Heeyyy loves, it’s been a while but I’m finally back from my unannounced break. Don’t be mad at me because I’m back with more content, okurt!

It’s been five months already and trust me when I say I can’t believe it, wow. This year is definitely flying real quick.

Let’s jump right into my life updates & let me tell you why I’ve been missing this whole time.

Let’s get started from January!

January πŸ’•

I published my first post in January and if you remember, I mentioned my intentions on creating a YouTube channel and uploading my first video after my first 100 subscribers. Whew.

I’m so proud to say I hit my first 100 subbies and my first video is a few views away from 1K! Yay. Honestly, it has been more challenging on YouTube in terms of consistency especially because I use my iPhone to record, but your girl has got it together. Okurt!

The last quarter of third year, first semester resumed in January for end of semester exams so I went to school to finish up all my papers and guys, the results came out goood!

February πŸ’•

Y’all, how did February go for you because mine wasn’t extra. You know what I mean?

Second semester finally started & I was itching for my birthday the next month. But wait, can you give me just a minute to realize that I’m only a few months away from Final Year?! Nooo. I didn’t see this coming, I really feel like I haven’t enjoyed my uni life as much as I wanted. Lol.

I got super amazing books on Valentines Day from my favorite person and they were really the most important books I guess I ever needed. They were both written by Joyce Meyer and the titles are Living Beyond Your Feelings & The Love Revolution.

The second semester started off pretty well until it was time for mid semester exams. You guys it was stressful ehhhh.

March πŸ’•

My Birthday Month was bomb! I didn’t do too much on my birthday (well because I didn’t want to) but yeahh, I really enjoyed every little bit of my day.

I started off my day with some good Fufu & Goat Meat w. Tilapia with my fav person and y’all, what a better way to start your birthday with some good local food!

I planned on going swimming the entire day and read some books but plans changed and I ended up going to dinner with two girlfriends. It was so fun and I really wish I could relive that moment!

We went to Ike’s Cafe Bar and Grill and everything was just super cool from the food to the drinks to feeding the fishes ,omg, trust me.

I loved the serene environment and the karaoke night definitely spiced things up more. I will greatly suggest the place to you if you ever come to the Ashanti Region.

Your girl is 21 and whew! Never thought it’ll come this fast, lol. How did March go for you? Let me know in the comment section.


April was definitely a come back with my school work! After Mid semester, I had to make an effort to finish up all the assignments I had during the entire semester.

YouTube has been super sweet to me guys! You won’t believe that even with my inconsistent self I got to 1.8k total views! I’m soo excited. I started off with a My First Video upload, followed up with a Q&A Tag and posted A Day In My Life Vlog! Go check it up if you haven’t cosss you missing!

And oh, how can I forget Repu! Repu definitely was a highlight in April, my best girlfriend came over and that definitely made my Repu 100% betterrrr! Stay glued on my YouTube this summer because she’ll be in there!


Whew!! The struggle in learning towards End of Semester Exams alone! I cannot! Ei. I’ve been consistently arranging my PDFs in order on my iPad & Google Drive but can you please ask me if I’ve started reading them yet? Meanwhile exams starts just next week! Goshhhhh!

Honestly, I’m also really freaking out because this long vacation I’ll be interning in an advertising agency that is completely new to me. I’m really praying things go really well and I love every bit of my stay there coss.

Speaking about my spiritual life this year, it hasn’t been easy at allll! It took a great amount of time to accept that some people and things (like social media) I was spending my time with was what was pulling me back from getting more intimate with my relationship with God.

I’ve had to do a lot of cutting down of friendships & relationships and I do feel way better now (was extremely tough). But hey, your girl has been reading her devotions more consistently now and I’m definitely happy within about the choices I made. I’m definitely not even a quarter where I want to be with God, but I’m not where I used to be!

I listen to a lot of podcasts from Pastor Mike Todd, Sarah Jakes Roberts amongst a few and they’re just a more better way to uplift me when I wake up in the morning or just doing my regular degular day activities! I also love listening to Tatum Temia (Blessed +Bossed Up) & Pretty Basic Podcast (Remi Cruz & Alisha Marie)!

Try listening to more podcasts and thank me later!

To wrap my life updates up, let me promise you more blog posts and vlogs because your girl is coming back bigger and better! Don’t forget to check my YouTube and Subscribe if you haven’t yet! YT: Naa Living.

Love you munchos! Stay blessed!! πŸ’•


New Year Vibes!

Happy New Year Everyone! Finally 2019! Whoop whoop! I’m four days late, sigh. My big self better change this year, lol.

Wishing you an amazing New Year!

Go achieve those goals you couldn’t last year and work towards your new year resolutions!

I’m starting mine this month y’all. I’m not going to promise consistency and not post up as often as I want to but, yeah! Stay glued on here because I have amazing newbies for you.

Personally, the New Years Vibe always gives me this new feeling that I can restart my life with positivity and good expectation. Whew! All I got to say is, this year better be good cus I’ve got a lot coming for you. A lot!

I’m so excited and overwhelmed to inform you guys that I’ve finally taken the big step and have created a YouTube channel. If you’ve been with me for a long while, you’ll know starting YouTube was one of my goals last year but I kept procrastinating. But yeah, I finally did it and I’m the process of getting my first video up.

I felt so proud and a bit emotional when I completed my intro and outro. I know it’s a big step I’m taking and I’m so ready to do this. In my introductory video, I’ll share a few reasons why it took this long and what you should expect on my first upload.

I’m doing this because of you guys, I’ve received so many requests from you to start YouTube and get visual so you gotta be ready!!

As we wait till I upload my first video, please go subscribe to my YouTube channel at “Naa Living”. Every content I post there is the same as what I do here ( inspirational & lifestyle ).

I really can’t wait to start and I know you can’t also. I’m trying to get just 100 Subscribers before I finally upload my first video so if you haven’t subscribed yet, you probably wanna? πŸ˜›

I pray for an amazing year for you and don’t forget to go achieve all the resolutions you’ve set for 2019!

Stay glued.

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Choosing What To Magnify

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Happy Holidays love bugs! It’s been an amazing year and I’m grateful we made it to December! Whew. It’s been such a long journey.

Quick life update:

School has been a lot more stressful these past few weeks because there was sudden close down and all lecturers are so tight right now.

Every lecturer wants to catch up with school work and mid semester exams and it’s been killing me y’all. Save meh!

Diving into today’s post, we will be talking about choosing what to magnify.

In life, we go through so many situations but it’s very important to know what to lay more emphasis on.

The advice, opinions, requests, backlash and relationships are all part of the reasons why we go through what we go through in life.

Before you choose what to pay more attention to, it’s very important to know who you really are.

Truth is, you will always receive advice from that friend in regards to this attitude she thinks you’ve got. But do you really exhibit this attitude? Don’t take every advice you receive especially when it comes from a person who always seems to advice you other than talk to you like a good friend. Not to say don’t take honest and good advice though.

Wether we like it or not, people will always have opinions about us regardless. But you have the right to choose what to magnify. Always analyse the opinions you receive to find out wether or not it’s something you should accept. Don’t take every opinion thrown at you! It will only tear you down and may cause you to have a low self-esteem.

You certainly can’t accept every request just because you want to please everyone. It’s important to learn the hard way to say No in some cases just to prevent yourself from any future problem. Not every request approval will land you where you thought it could.

Even with our everyday relationships with friends, co workers, colleagues, lecturers, families and the like, we have every right to choose what relationship to value more. Life’s short, value important relationships and save yourself from unecessary arguments and drama from people you should have paid less attention to.

Simply, amongst all the situations life throws at you, you have the right to choose what to lay more emphasis on. Don’t open up to everything life throws at you. You will grow and learn from life’s experiences, but you choose what to grow from.

Always magnify the things that will make you a better person and pay less attention to what society wants from you. Most importantly, be yourself wherever you find yourself and don’t change because anyone wants you to.

If you made it to the end, you definitely know you are a real one. Comment an orange heart (🧑) and let me know what you think about today’s topic.

Stick and stay for my next blog post. It’s going to be a spicy storytime on how I finally learnt to stand my grounds. Stay glued and always remember to go get it!


Is Their Validation Important?

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Hi loves, welcome back to my blog! We are finally in October and y’all, I’m so hyped cus the year is finally ending! Who would have thought 2018 would go by so fast?! Sheesh, I better start getting in the mood for the Holidays.πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

Anywho, I hope you’re having an amazing day and only inhaling positivity cus man, this atmosphere can be full of bad vibes sometimes.

In today’s topic, I’ll be getting a little bit deeper than usual because it’s a subject that is very touchy to your girl. Okurrrtt?

Let me ask a question,

Do people’s opinions and validations about you matter to you?

Well for me, it’s rather unfortunate that my answer is a yes, sometimes.

More often than usual, I tend to get worried about how others perceive me to be and I must say yeah, it really sucks!

These past few years, I received many opinions from people in regards to my looks and personality. I’m going to lay a little more emphasis on the comments I received in regards to my looks than personality because I believe some people out there receive similar comments and affects how they see themselves.

I received comments like, ” You’ll look way better if you were slim” or ” Your form is what makes you look good “, amongst others.πŸ˜‚ I really couldn’t be bothered most of the time but I feel comments like these are way better unsaid, extremely unnecessary!

It’s high time as people, we realize that words gotten out of our mouths can’t be taken back so there’s a need to check how we structure our comments.

Not only in this scenario but in many others, could be related to a persons way of dressing, sense of style, home background or anything human related.

As people, we really need to realize that no matter how much society brands certain things as perfect, in reality no one is actually perfect.

It’s crazy how body shaming forces insecure people to use outrageous methods to get into the form they feel is acceptable by society. Love yourself, don’t let others validation count!

Don’t let other people’s validations make you think you aren’t good enough. Love yourself regardless, you are beautiful/handsome anyway!

Quick Reminder: God created you in His own image! As a matter of fact, you carry His DNA!

If you feel you want to look a certain type of way, go for it! Work out and feel great but please don’t take that move because that one person says you don’t look good in it.

Nobody’s validation counts in any decision you want to make, especially when their validation aims at preventing you from something you strongly desire. For instance, starting that business you want to or applying for that job you need.

Let’s be real, if a person passes a validation towards anything in regards to you and isn’t an honest statement please don’t take it. If it isn’t said genuinely and doesn’t have any sense of care or truth, please leave it.

Today’s post was a little bit long but well, hope you got something out of it. Always remember: Do not let people’s validation count if it affects you negatively! Be the best version of you and don’t pass validations that will pull another down!

Comment a yellow heart “πŸ’›” if you made it to the end and let me know your point of view on today’s topic.

Till the next post, BYEEEπŸ’•βœ¨

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Fix Your Focus

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What’s up guys, hope you are having an amazing day. It’s another episode of Spice Up Your Inspiration and as you can tell by the title, we’re going to get deep today, okuurrt? I’ve got a got a special announcement at the end of the post so stay glued right to the end.

Short Life Update:

Finally back in school and in 3rd year now. Its just the second week of school and the lecturers aren’t taking it easy on projects and assignments at all, it’s so stressful but ah well. I’m hoping for a great semester ahead for all of you guys who are in school or work.

Diving straight into today’s topic, we’re discussing how we can fix our focus.

I’ve derailed many times from targets I’ve set for myself. I’m not going to lie, it can be a bit challenging sometimes but hopefully after you’re done reading today’s post it’ll be way more easier.

1.Eliminate Distractions And Time Wasters

This certainly has to be the first thing to take into consideration. There isn’t anyway you’ll attain that goal you’ve set if you aren’t ready to eliminate distractions and time wasters. These will distract and prevent you from remaining focused and most often will end you up in a completely different situation unintended.

Keep your eyes wide and look sharp, there’s no time to waste. Be quick to get rid of any distraction and don’t think twice about it!

2.Regenerate And Keep Your Energy

From time to time, fuel that energy which made you decide to fix your focus in the first place. Create a sensation within you that nothing can quench. For instance, if you want to be an entrepreneur, constantly engage yourself in activities to keep the energy needed to continue striving towards your focus.

Spend more time watching and reading about people in your field of interest and draw some inspiration to keep your energy fired up. Always remember you can fix your focus only if you keep your energy high!

3. Constantly Remind Yourself Of Your Ultimate Goals

In trying times, constantly remind yourself of your goals, it will greatly help you remain focused and give you a more reason to keep grindin’.

Always be prepared for anything, it’s not going to be easy reaching your goals. When you get discouraged or tired about fixing your focus, remember what made you want to set that target in the first place.

Truth is you can attain that goal regardless, but until you constantly remind yourself about that goal you want to reach, nah man.

Alright love bugs, hope this post helps you now onwards in fixing your focus on your goals and in life. If you made it to the end you a G, comment a πŸ‘πŸ½ (thumbs up) so I know you made it to the end.

Don’t go nowhere for too long, on my next post I’ll be posting something you’ve been waiting for. Anticipate ✨

To wrap this post up, always remember to strive hard towards your goals, don’t let anyone be the reason to fail to achieve your goals. Remember to keep good company all day everyday. Love y’all and till the next post, BYEEπŸ’•